Crusaders NEW STRIP

2011 shall be a different in many ways for the Western Crusaders. They have seen interest in the sport increase dramatically over the past year, largely due to this years NFL Season.

The Western Crusaders again show that change can be a good thing.

Last week, the Western Crusaders unveiled their official Playing Jerseys which will be worn and home and away games for the 2011 Senior Season.

This year’s look differs from previous playing uniforms worn by the Western Crusaders, with the introduction of a Black, Red and White “Clash” jersey, replacing the plain white “Away” jerseys of previous years.

Away Jersey Home Jersey

These will be added to the now familiar Red (Crimson), Black and white “Home” Jerseys strip that the Crusaders have worn for the past few years. Scott Hayden, President of the Western Crusaders said, “2011 is the first time in many years where players have been able to purchase their own jerseys, with many jumping at the chance to finally buy their very own Crusaders jersey.”

“We’re not forgetting all of the Western Crusaders supporter’s, as they too can own their own piece of Crusader memorabilia. We are currently working on the design and manufacture of Jerseys, and they shall be available soon”, Scott said.

Further details shall be available on our website.

2011 Official Playing Jerseys

from left to right: Derek Choo #27, Paora Thompson #61, Clinton Downer #9, Scott Hayden #5, Hayden Brown #66, Ricky Owour #21 and John McGuiness #11

These new playing tops will replace the Red UnderArmour jerseys and white away jerseys that the club has worn since its 2007 Championship season and as you can imagine, they have seen better days.

The Western Crusaders would like to thank Viv Sportings in Adelaide for all their help with the design, development and manufacturing of these new playing jerseys.