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The Western Crusaders’ senior mens preseason has kicked off and from what the coaching staff have seen, 2013 could be building up to be something special.

With an exciting group of “Rookie” recruits, several senior players that are returning after a year or two away from the game as well as most of the senior group from last season returning, the future is looking very bright for the “CRU”. Any players still looking to join the Western Crusaders, you are more than welcome to still join. We cater to all shapes, sizes and experience isnt neccesary, you just have to be eager, hard working and willing to learn.

The “CRU” train on Wednesday nights, 6:30pm-8:30pm and Sundays 10:00am – 12:00pm, Henry Turner Reserve South, Corner of Farnsworth Ave & Maribyrnong Blv, Footscay. Behind Victoria University on Ballarat Rd, Footscray. C’mon down, have a run, speak to the coaches and players to be apart of the Western Crusaders for season 2013.

The Western Crusaders would like to welcome all of the newcomers to the “CRU” and for them to “stick with it, stay the course”. Preseason is hard, but it seperates the men from the boys! It looks like we have unearthed some real talent this year!

The Western Crusaders would also like to welcome three new Assistant Coaches that have joined the Crusaders for the 2013 season.

Geoff Woolard, who has over 25 years experience as both a player and a Coach in Gridiron Victoria and was last year granted life membership to Gridiron Victoria.

Brian Calloway, who hails from the United States, has played NCAA level football and specialises in coaching Defensive Line.

Paul Garnham, returns to the “CRU” after a couple of years of working overseas. Paul has served Gridiron Victoria and Gridiron Australia as a Referree official and as an assistant coach for a number of years. Paul will take over coaching the Special teams units. 

They join a very experienced coaching staff.

Kriss Guidotti, (Head Coach) Has over 20 years experience as a player and  coach with Gridiron Victoria and Gridiron Australia and was voted last year to be the “Gridiron Victoria 2012 Coach of the Year”.

Brendan Bowe, (Offense Coordinator) is one of the most respected and saught figures in Gridiron Victoria. He has over 15 years of experience, is a wealth on knowledge and experience as a player and as a Coach for Gridiron Victoria and Gridiron Australia.

Brent Weeks, (Offense Coach) has 10 years experience as a player and coach with Gridiron Victoria and Gridiron Australia. Brent is still playing, and is a vital cog in the Western Crusaders Offensive machine.

John MacGuiness, (Defense Coordinator) has 10 years experience as a player in Gridiron Victoria and is in the second year of his role as Defensive Coordinator. John is also the Head Coach of the Western Crusaders junior (14-18) team.