Cru downs Rangers for Second win

The Western Crusaders took on the Croydon Rangers in week 3 of the Gridiron Victoria senior Mens season. On a cold and wet day at L.E. Cotchin Reserve in Reservoir, The Crusaders played the Early game against their Division 1 Rival.

The game was opened up with a quick touchdown to the Rangers early in the first quarter, The Crusaders had trouble with consistancy, making big plays, but not being able to put a drive together. The loss of starting Quarterback Clinton Downing #9 with a concussion meant that for the rest of the game, back up Quarterback Ed Ebinger #84, would run the offense for the rest of the day. Eventually Ed found his rythym and was able to connect on a deep sideline pass to Aristotle Hua #13, for a nice Touchdown, just before half time.

The second half turned into a bit of an arm wrestle, with both sides defenses starting to dominate, until the Rangers got a lucky break and after a couple of missed tackles were able to score. At the start of the third quarter, the Rangers led 12-6.

The Crusaders defense really stood up in the fourth quarter with an interception to Ryan Raquel #41, then ending the next Ranger drive with a forced fumble. The Crusaders offense could not make use of these opportunities. It took an interception by Andrew Yeung #28, and a length of the field, endzone to endzone return for a touchdown to even up the score at 12-12.

With the clock running down, the Crusaders coaching staff decided to go for a field goal. The attempted kick by Zekeriya Ulku #95, was blocked, a Ranger player picked the ball, attempting to return it to break the dead lock, but he fumbled the ball and it was recovered in the Endzone by Crusaders Jon Duvnjak #33 and Tyson Garnham #36 for a touchdown. The Crusaders were up 19-12 with twenty seconds remaining.

After the kickoff, the Crusaders were able to stop the Rangers offense and take the win.