Early Lapses Cost the Crusaders

Week 4 of the Gridiron Victoria senior Mens season kicked off with the Western Crusaders playing last years Champions, the Monash Warriors.

The Warriors started off with the ball and on the opening drive were able to march down the field convincingly for the Touchdown. The Crusaders Offense struggled early and were force to punt the ball away. the Crusaders Defense was able to do the same thing to the Warriors, giving the Crusaders offense decent field position. The Cru Offense started to move the football with some authority until Chris Nguyen #15, fumbled the ball in the process of breaking several tackles on a long running play.

The Warriors were able to score after a big play breaking numerous tackle attempts on the insuing drive, making the score 12-0, 10 minutes into the first quarter.

After the kickoff, The Crusader offense put a strong drive together, moving the ball down the field, but couldn’t get into the Warriors endzone. THe Crus settled with a field goal by Chris Nguyen #15, making the score now 12-3 going into halftime.

Coming out of the main break, both offenses really struggle to drive the football with any consistancy as the game evolved into a defensive battle. The Cru “D” came up big on several occasions with interceptions to Reggie Raquel #25, and Andrew Yeung #28, as well as a forced fumble by Zekeriya Ulku #95 and recovery to Chris Schlegel #53.

Unfortunately the Crusaders offense sputtered with only the occasional big plays by Ed Ebinger #84, Tyson Garnham #36 and Aristotle Hua #13 being highlights in the second half. The first quarter lapses and turnovers came back to haunt the Crusaders, with the Warriors taking the Win 12-3.