Cru have a big win at Home

The Western Crusaders kicked off the cross divisional section of their schedule (Division 1 teams playing Division 2 teams) with a big win over the favorites to take out the Division 2 Championship, the Monash Barbarians. Playing at home for the first time this season, it was important for the Crusaders to set the tone early. Chris “T.O.” Nguyen #15 began on fire, scoring all the Crusaders points for the first quarter, with a Field Goal (3 points), a touchdown (6 points) and the following P.A.T. conversion (kick, 1 point).
Although the Western Crusaders offense couldn’t get into a rythym and find some consistancy, it didn’t take long for Tyson Garnham #36 to find his feet and begin to dominate the game, finishing with over 200 yards for the game, scoring couple of touchdowns. Young junior sensation Caleb Morgan #85, had a breakout game, easily his best performance for the year.
Alternating running backs Jon Duvnjak #33 and Damien Griffin #20, had solid performances and rookie running back Matt Hamill #31, got his first touches and some game time for the year.
The Cru defensive was exceptionally in both run and pass defense, with a massive team effort.

The final score was Western Crusaders 38 Def Monash Barbarians 0.