“Junior Cru” Downs the Defending Champions

The second game of the season for the Western Crusaders Juniors or “Junior Cru” was against the defending premiers, the Croydon Rangers on their home field, Springfield Reserve in Croydon.

Coming off a strong win in round one and dedicating this game to Denzel Hagai and his family, the Crusaders had numerous key players missing but pulled together their spirit and respect to play a near flawless game against the defending champions.

From the opening whistle, a 100% commitment and composure from all players was strived for to deliver a shock 40-0 shut out against the Croydon Rangers, to show each team in the league that this season,  the “Junior Cru” have come to play and that last weeks great effort against the Geelong Buccaneers was no fluke.

The “Junior Cru” Offence was totally calm, composed and hungry. They took advantage of any opportunity given to them but more importantly, showed they can run and pass the ball with tremendous force and precision and can move the ball against a quality opponent at will.

The “Junior Cru” Defence created chaos and destruction from tackles, interceptions and  forced fumbles. Stripping the ball at any opportunity From the Rangers Backs, creating as many turnovers as possible,  This aggresive ball hawking mentality not only to led to a shut out of the defending champions, but to also put scores on the board for a bit of competition with their own Offence.

Destined for a great season, with a force of brotherhood and extreme passion, the Crusaders are prepared to rise to each challenge that awaits and put their bodies on the line, in proof of WE ARE ONE.