Foxes start off the season with a Bang!

The Western Foxes, the first, the original, womens full kit Gridiron team in Victoria, played the Melbourne University Chargers in the first Womens competition, regular season club match in Gridiron Victoria history on Sunday at Henry Turner Reserve in Footscray.

1375142_681560515189686_1973250730_nAsh West & “Dolly” Gedye celebrate a touchdown

The game started in less than ideal conditions as the heavens opened up and heavy rain started to pour down, just before the opening kickoff. The Chargers started the game with the ball on the 35 yard Line. Western Foxes Defensive Co Ordinator, Shelly Roth’s Defense held firm and forced a turnover on downs with only minimal yards gained. The Western Foxes Offense didn’t start the same way, with the rain and conditions causing a fumble on the very first play on the Foxes drive. Again the Foxes Defense stood firm, forcing the Chargers to fumble on their first play of the drive.

The weather cleared and with all the fumbles out of the way, the Foxes offense then went to work, running the ball with power and control with a very successful drive to open up the scoring with a short run to Foxes running back, #33 Kaseyanne Hurley. The Foxes were successful with the 2 point conversion making the score 8-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter started with the Foxes Defense standing up. #13 Brietta Patman, #91 Tima Matia and #15 Angela Porras, getting into the action, making some big plays to make it hard for the Chargers offense to move the Football with any consistency.

Towards the end of the first half, the Foxes offense, put together another dominant drive to get them to ten yards out from the Goal line. Foxes Quarterback #7 Erin Casey, threw a quick pass to #89 “Jaz” Drewry, who ran off a massive block by fellow Fox, #87 Ashlee West, to run into the end zone untouched for a Touchdown. The Western Foxes were also successful with th 2 point conversion, making the score, Western Foxes 16, Melbourne University Chargers 0, at half time.

The Western Foxes had possession of the ball for the first drive of the second half. A change of personnel didnt effect the Foxes offenses rhythm, with them marching down the field on the back of some good runs from Bantam weight running back #95 Rachel “Dolly” Gedye. This drive culminated with a touchdown pass from #7 Erin Casey to #13 Brietta Patman in the back corner of the end zone. 2 point conversion was unsuccessful. Foxes up on the Chargers 22-0.

Going into the final quarter, the intensity of the Foxes defense was huge, with every player stepping up at one stage or another making massive plays. Linebacker / Defensive End, #24 Alexandra Doumis was on almost everything, with #56 “Scarlett” Barclay, #3 Felicity O’Connor making key tackles and stops at critical times. The experience of #15 Angela Porras and #87 Ashlee West, helped plug any holes and make up for any missed tackles that the newer, less experienced Foxes made. The Chargers offense, desperate to get some points on the board, began trying more daring plays, such as reverses and deep passes, but to no avail, with the Foxes defense holding firm.

The Foxes Defense as a whole was water tight giving the Foxes offense plenty of the football and with great field position.

The Foxes offense was able to capitalise on this, moving the ball in big chunks of yardage as the Chargers Defense began to tire. #95 Rachel “Dolly” Gedye run for massive gains behind Full backs,  #33 Kaseyanne Hurley and #78 Aisha “Ish” Ryan, and was able to chalk up two touchdowns, the second, coming off an accidental “Ish” misdirection play! The Final Touchdown of the game came off a play action pass from Foxes Quarterback #7 Erin Casey, that saw #87 Ashlee West wide open on the outside of the field, who then ran it from twenty yards out.

The Western Foxes defeated the Melbourne University chargers 40-0.

The Western Foxes have a Bye next week before taking on the Northern Lady Raiders in Reservoir, Sunday, 27th October at C.H. Sullivan Reserve, Reservoir, 11:00am Kickoff.

Photos of the Game, taken by Berand Van Den Hoek can be found on the following link:—ladies—foxes-v-chargers-13-october-2013/ui/756791418525a590953b40#!page=1&ui=756791418525a590953b40&u=aHR0cDovL2kuaW1hZ2VjYWNoZS5jby9tZW1iZXJkYXRhLzEyNDQwLzEwMjR4MTAyNF93bV81MF9zb3V0aGVhc3RfMjBfNjY1OF8xMjQ0MDEzODE2NTI3MDU4NDUyXzIwNDg1Mjk5Mi5KUEc%3D