Round 3 began a battle of the two unbeaten teams Western Crusaders V Monash Warriors, at our home field,  Henry Turner Reserve in Footscray.

There was a lot of talk between these two teams, a “Clash of the Titans” type of game was brewing. The  Warriors, known for being well disciplined, well coached after their pre season training camps, very fit and up to the task at hand. The Warriors had a reason to be confident,  as they were victorious in the Division 1 and 2 championships in the mens Seniors earlier in the year.

However, they forgot who they were facing and where they were playing, In the house of the CRU, Henry Turner Reserv in Footscray. They had come to The West.. A promised land of Respect, Toughness, Determination and pure Rage.

From the opening kickoff, the Crusaders Defence went on a rampage attacking and fighting for each tackle, knocking over whoever made the error of putting themselves between the ball and Defences path. Clearly Crusaders were willing to do all needed to defend our field, our home turf.
The Crusader Offence ran each inch as if it were their last step and drove back anyone trying to prevent them from gaining yards. The Crusaders passes were hard and rocket like to prevent unwanted hands from touching the ball. Only the blessed were to catch the ball, only Crusaders.
At the end of the game, The only shame that was bestowed upon the Crusaders, was given by a sleeping Defence, the Warriors managed to score their only touchdown of the match. The Crusaders reigned supreme scoring 34 points. This was no easy task but determination prevailed.

final score was 34-6