The Western Foxes, have gone from being the first “full kit” womens Gridiron team in Victorian history, to now being the first Champions of the Gridiron Victoria 2013 Womens League, with a comprehensive 32-8 victory over the Northern Lady Raiders.

Played at Ranger Field in Croydon, the inaugural Womens competition championship was going to be a hard fought match. The Western Foxes, scored a touchdown on their first drive, but failed on the conversion, making the score 6-0. The Lady Raiders offense took the field and were able march the ball down the field for a touchdown and a conversion, making the score 8-6. This was the First time the Foxes have been behind on the scoreboard at any time this season.

Both the Western Foxes Offense and Defense made any corrections that they needed to make and began to fire on all cylinders. The Foxes Defense made some big plays, big stops and a couple of turnovers, giving the ball back to the Foxes offense, who were hungry to put more points on the board, and the did, scoring two more times making the score 20-8 at half time.

The Western Foxes coaching staff demanded more effort and discipline in the second half from the players, to make sure that the second half effort was just as intense as the first half. The second half performances of the Foxes over the last couple of games, needed improvement, with players “switching off”, leading to sub par perfomances. Also, having the thought of going through the season undefeated, but losing the Grand Final was something that the Foxes would not tolerate. The players would not accept a “wasted opportunity” like this.

There was no problem with focus from the Foxes players for the second half of this game, the Foxes Defense, taking up where it had left off making some huge stops, even when their backs where against the wall, with the ball virtually on their goal line, they still managed to hold the Lady Raiders Offense out of the endzone for the whole second half.

The Foxes offense didn’t make use off all of their opportunities, but still managed to score twice more in the second half, including a siren beating Touchdown pass. The Western Foxes, finishing the season, undefeated champions with a 32-8 Victory.

# 89, Jasmyne “Jazz” Drewry, was named the games Most Valuable Player, for her duties on both Offense and Defense.