About Us

We are an American Football team located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Founded in 1998, the Western Crusaders were bound for glory, winning the 1999 VicBowl Championship and then again in 2000 & 2007. The Crusaders consistently have been in the finals since their inclusion and strive for success on and off the field. Throughout their success since 1998, the Western Crusaders have not forgotten their past.

Originally named the Westside Vikings, the team has been apart of Gridiron in Victoria since the early 1980’s. It’s proud history of accomplishments and players, some of whom tread the paths in other countries playing the great sport and others, still to this day, either continue to support the game and the team.

The Founding Members of the Western Crusaders are:

Bruce Parke, Glenn Parke, Lance Willie, Peter Steve, Scott Hayden & Tony Harris – all of the Founding Members remain a part – (in one way or another) of the Western Crusaders to this day.

The Western Crusaders are pleased with the intake of players. A vast majority are sourced from within the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. A high proportion of the players are residents around the Crusaders facility.

The Western Crusaders have been fortunate enough over the years to benefit from the services of experienced players from the USA, Japan, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Italy and others.

This influx of experience and talent propels the Crusaders to success each year but also enables them to have long-lasting links and friendships to the Football Community WORLDWIDE.

To find out more about American Football (Gridiron) in Australia, please send us an email to wcrusders@gmail.com