Crusaders Registration

Each year, every player, coach or sideline participant must register to play Gridiron. You will need the following to ensure that all details are entered correctly. The site is a secure payment site and all registration confirmations shall be sent to the clubs prior to participation. Registration also give you access to the National Insurance Program, supplied by Jardine Lloyd Thompson and Gridiron Australia.

  1. Open and Print Out attached form and supply to Crusaders staff – Rego Form
  2. Click on the following link to gain access to the Payment Portal – Crusaders Registration
  3. Know which club you are registering with (Western Crusaders)
  4. Select GV 2011 Senior registration for all players
  5. Read and complete the Conduct Information
  6. Complete all personal detail including name, address, contact details etc
  7. Have your credit card ready for payment processing
  8. Print out three copies of the receipt – hand two to Crusaders staff and retain a copy for yourself.

 For any issues or difficulties, please speak with your Club Representative.

Crusaders Equipment Order Form

The Western Crusaders equipment order form can be downloaded and printed out prior to the order being submitted.


There is an example in the document which will be ignored, however you need to ensure that the following items are within the order form.

  1. Full Name & Address of person wanting order equipment
  2. Full description of order requirements
    1. What type of equipment
    2. What quantities (# of items)
    3. What colour
    4. What Size
  3. Product Code or SKU (this is available off the website and is next to the full descrption of the item)
  4. Payment for equipment (Cash only in Australian $)

Once you have filled in the form, please ensure that you email it directly to and/or submit it to club officials during training. 

National Insurance Program – Gridiron Australia


Here is the link to the JLT Sports webpage dedicated to the Gridiron Australia National Insurance Program.

On this site you will find the following:

– Details of what is covered

– Procedures on how to make a claim

– Contact details

– Policy wording