Womens Team

Western Foxes Women's Gridiron Team

The Western Foxes are the women’s gridiron team of the Western Crusaders Gridiron Club. We have established full-kit, full-contact women’s gridiron with Gridiron Victoria and in 2013 will have competition from other teams in Gridiron Victoria! Get involved!

The Western Foxes were the first womens team in Gridiron Victoria  (G.V.) history. Being the only womens team meant, that in their first season, 2012, the Western Foxes could only play in inter club scrimmages. In 2013, a couple of other clubs have been able to start womens teams, making 2013 the first official year of a womens full kit Gridiron competition in Victoria.

On  Sunday, 13th October 2013, the Western Foxes played in first official womens club game in Gridiron Victoria history, a 42-0 victory over the Melbourne University Chargers, at our home Ground, Henry Turner Reserve South, in Footscray.

We are always looking for more women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to include in our team and make us stronger.

If you’re a woman who’s keen to find out more about women’s gridiron, send us a message. You don’t need any previous experience with the sport, and we have qualified coaches to help teach you everything you need to know.

We have a Facebook page under the name “Western Foxes Womens Gridiron team!”

YouTube Link to “Western Foxes Story!”


Here is a link to a segment aired on Gridiron Victoria Television, Juniors episode part 3, about the Wesern Foxes.


For further information on playing for the Western Foxes, please contact:

Julia Birks – President – 0401 292 050 or juliabirks@gmail.com

Erin Casey – Vice President – 0433 007 787 or erin.casey@jetstar.com